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The first step in our mattress cleaning process is to vacuum. Following the vacuuming, we use a low moisture tool to further wash the mattress. Then implement a spray that eliminates dust mites right away on the mattress. After we've successfully treated for dust mites, it's eventually time to dry your mattress and leave you with a fresh, clean mattress.

What are Indoor Allergens and How Can I Reduce Them?

Achieving and keeping a healthy home for your family requires decreasing and hopefully eliminating, indoor allergens which can be found most frequently in your carpet - and here are some tips on how to do just that.

- Always be sure to vacuum every week. This guideline cannot be stressed enough. Vacuuming should be done at least once a week, and if you keep pets, even more often than that. As you vacuum, you reduce the amount of dander, dead skin from humans and animals, dust mites and their waste, bugs, abrasives and mold spores, not to mention soil and sands. Be sure that you are using a vacuum that has a high efficiency HEPA system of filtration. You may call us 1-800-743-0034 for our tips about vacuum cleaners.

- Avoid using a broom on your bare floors. While we all remember Mom cleaning the house top to bottom with the broom and dust pan, all sweeping really does is spread the allergens into the air. To keep your air clean and allergy free, you should vacuum even the hard surfaces, then follow it up with a moist mop.

- Leave your shoes by the door. Outdoor pollutants must be maintained to a minimum.

- Employ a fan if you use cooling or heating systems which use forced air. A fan will make the air in your home circulate continuously, which will move it through any filters which are in place, taking out harmful particles. Always attempt to sure to place new filters every single month. You could desire to switch to air filters that should be high-efficiency HEPA filters.

If you heed these effective steps, you'll be able to breathe easier as well as extend the life of your carpet.

Remember that animals kept in the home also release dust mites, which can exacerbate pet allergies for many. In order to lessen the incidence of dust mites released by pets, it is advisable to fulfill all animal grooming tasks outdoors.

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