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We take pride in our area rug cleaning services. Following that time your rug goes through the detailed cleaning process at our modern cleaning facilities, you’re rug will look better than new. It could feel soft again, show vivid hues again, and even smell better. We shall return your rug to its new place and make it worth more for a longer period of time. Our rug cleaning technique consists of several steps, and these steps will change depending on the type of rug and the amount of cleaning needed.

When you bring us your rug, it is first closely looked at to conclude the cleaning process that will be best for it. One of the primary things we look for is any damage produced by fire or water, moths, pets, or whatever may cause damage. We also look to see if the color will fade or run, and the cleaning process is changed to the rug’s needs.

Pre-washing Your Area Rug

It is vacuumed, then a machine tumbled it to displace dirt and dust. If these particles aren’t cleared, they can wear away the fibers of the rug.

Following that we accomplish our first stage of rug cleaning

We drop the rug in a pool of water to help clear the dirt, soil, and spotting with water saturation. In this pool everything is fixed, like the end of the carpet and any ornamental fringes.

The Next Phase of the Rug Cleaning Process

Quite a few rug cleaning businesses employ extraction techniques that keep soap trapped in the rugs, which means more debris and dust will be attracted to this residue. Our company uses an advanced cleaning method that saturates and then rinses rugs to ensure that no cleaning products are left behind.

Then we do drying and grooming.

Before drying the rug we carefully comb the pile and fringes in the right direction. The rug is then taken to a drying room where the environment can be controlled. In the specialized room, temperature, humidity levels and air flow over the carpet may all be custom-set in order to make sure you carpet dries well, with no water damage or spotting.

A fragrant scent is added after the rug is dried.

A small air freshener could be inserted to help excise odors and further sanitize your rug, bringing freshness to the entire room once you bring it back home. Numerous different scents are available, such as baby powder, peach, cherry, and lemon.

Final Inspection

We strive to scrutinize your rug as soon as it has fully dried. We may imagine that your rug demands another cleaning, so we will repeat all of the stages again, and will continue to do so until we have achieved the cleanest condition possible.

What’s more, we offer rug restoration and rug repair services for any type of rug. A good team of rug repair people could cope with the many issues your beloved rug may have, such as frayed edges, moth holes, small tears, or tattered fringes or tassels. Our professional cleaners and our meticulous cleaning process, along with our rug repair and restoration, ensures that your rug will be returned to you in the best possible condition.

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