Rug Restoration New York

f it needs to be cleaned, redyed or rewoven, we could do that! Professional rug weavers from through the world utilize methods and materials that verify your rug retains its worth and its beauty.

Provided the amount of damage, we may even be able to do a complete overhaul on your heirloom rug so you don’t have to consider it a loss. Our experienced weavers can repair everything from water, fire and smoke damage to insect and animal exposure to bringing back a rug’s former beauty because of exposure to the elements. We shall also work with you to have your rug shipped to us from any location in the U.S. You must not be worried about asking questions about our rug repair service.

Early repairs will help guard not merely the appearance but also the value of your rug. Don’t think because you think it’s a lost cause, that it is. There are quite a few things we can do that will make it look as good as new! When you see the first signs of damage, you must call us right away so that your rug does not suffer anymore serious damage. Several people hesitate because they fear the cost, but typically it is not as expensive as you fear it will be. Do not let fear and concern hold you back. Pack up your treasured heirloom and hand it over to the Masters of Rug Repair. We will give you a free estimate.

Among the myriad services we supply are:

- Reweaving missing end pieces
- If your rug once possessed corners, but is now running in circles, bring it to us. We will restore the missing corners.
-They could repair water damaged area rugs and restore them to their original glory!
- We could repair damage from moths.
- We can maintain holes with material that matches.
- If your rug’s designs are now hazy, we could place things back into perspective.
- Replacing binding
- We can repair the fringes.

If you own an heirloom quality are rug or one that you are just particularly fond of, let us do the hard work for you and make it look as good as new. We know what we are doing!

We shall care for your rug as if it were our own; taking the time and skill to repair it, mend it or clean it as required.

All rugs possess positive needs, which means they want to be cleaned in a special way. When you dial us, we shall examine your area rug to see what it’s major issues are.

We inspect your rug with a fine-toothed comb. Every incidence of discoloration, wear, damage, fading, color instability, and stains is recorded by our rug experts.

Our experts shall determine a course of action to clean, repair and restore your rug so that it arrives in its prime condition.

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